Best locksmith + Telematics

You wont find a cooler company than Goldi Locks, we are the ONLY security and telematics company in England

You can find all our details in two places our locksmith website here

and on where you can view all our feedback.

We have been serving Dorset and Hampshire with a high quality locksmith service for many years, infact as a professional locksmith I hold the highest qualification with HND in Engineering,

you wont find any other locksmith with that level of accreditation.  As well as security for property and commercial we also fit Telematic devices, this is done through

So whatever your needs are:  if its a lock for your door or a tracker for your car get in touch.

for all lock related stuff:

for all trackers, cat5, cat6, fleet management go to


sml_icon | Locksmith Bournemouth | Goldi LocksmithsWe can deal with all situations be it Commercial, Domestic or Vehicle Tracking related. | Locksmith Bournemouth | Goldi-Locksmith

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