Thatcham Cat5 tracker

We can now provide you with the next step in Car Tracking, with the  Cat 5.

These are aimed at any high performance vehicle such as Audi, Porsche ,BMW etc that an insurance company feels is at risk.

Cat5 is the highest level of car security, our Cat5 system has a unique wireless tag paired to the tracking unit. If this tag is not present with the owner of the vehicle, the system triggers an alarm when the car is started.  As well as texting your phone, sending you an email, the monitoring centre will then contact the driver or owner to verify if that the car is being driven by them or not, and track the car.

This Tag is an excellent solution to “Key Theft”, the easiest way to steal your pride and joy and gives the police the best fighting chance of recovering your vehicle. Once the vehicle has come to a complete stop, the security center will send a remote command to activate an immobilization circuit, preventing any further movement from the vehicle.

As well as having this top end security, you yourself can monitor your own vehicle through an App which is free to down load. You can check on your company van or beloved car at any time to know that it is still in your drive. It will even record all your trips for a period of time, so you can check on a journey you have done.

All this can be fitted at your premises, we will come to you.  Give us a call today. | Locksmith Bournemouth | Goldi-Locksmiths

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What Is A DeadBolt Lock?

By definition a deadbolt lock is “a lock bolt that is moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring.” In simple words it is a lock that can be opened only through a key or knob and cannot be easily battered or bored. They tend to resist any forced entry into the house and thus offer a good security to the house.

Deadbolt lock | Locksmith Bournemouth | Goldi-Locksmith

There are 3 main types of deadbolt locks:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Keyless Deadbolt

A single cylinder deadbolt is a simple deadbolt lock which is opened or closed from one side using a key while there is a thumb piece in the interior side that turns to operate the lock. These are mainly used in front doors with no windows in them. If a window was present an intruder could smash the window and open the lock.

A double cylinder deadbolt is a deadbolt lock that is opened or closed through key from both the sides. These can be used where there is a breakable glass inlaid into the door. However this can become a hindrance in an emergency situation.

A keyless deadbolt is the easiest to operate deadbolt lock, as it can simply be opened by a fingerprint scan or password and can be closed with a button or knob.


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