Master Keys

Goldi-Locksmith make and supply MASTER KEYs to existing mastered suites provided by us and new ones should you wish to order one.

We supply these Mastered suites, or Master Keys Systems to anyone who wants to create a sucure envronment and ease of use key system.

This just means that we simplyfy what keys you carry around, so instead of having a massive bunch of keys that clang about and make holes in your pocket or bag, we can creatr a system where you only need a key or two.

For example, a block of 50 accomodation rooms. The landlord will have 1 key that operated every door, whereas a tennant has 1 key for their room, that will also operate any door asigned to them: Store cupboard, garage, front door and accomodation room.

Its a fantastic idea and simple to use. We do the hard work designing it, but that is what we are good at.


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