What is LOCK BUMPING? Bump keys are unique keys slice to exploit the mechanics of pin tumbler locks. Essentially it is a standard key that has every one of the cuts (valleys) at maximum depth with the goal that it can fit it into all locks. Diverse bump keys The photo shows a bump key […]

• Check the majority of your locks including garages, entryways or sheds. Update or supplant any flawed locks. Verify that any articles that can be utilized by an Intruder to gain entry to your home are securely secured away a garages or sheds         We can deal with all situations be it […]

1 ) Never open the door to obscure guests. Fit a door viewer (peep/ spy gap) or a door chain and examine who is at your door before opening it. 2) Try not to leave keys within door locks or window sills close to the door as criminals can break a window and achieve inside […]

UPVC Door Won’t Shut Close Explanation behind this: This is regularly created by either the strike receiver for the latch part of lock not being balanced accurately or having worked loose and now not being set effectively, or the door trim rubber has moved and is not sitting legitimately on the door preventing it from […]

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