What Is A DeadBolt Lock?

By definition a deadbolt lock is “a lock bolt that is moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring.” In simple words it is a lock that can be opened only through a key or knob and cannot be easily battered or bored. They tend to resist any forced entry into the house and thus offer a good security to the house.

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There are 3 main types of deadbolt locks:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Keyless Deadbolt

A single cylinder deadbolt is a simple deadbolt lock which is opened or closed from one side using a key while there is a thumb piece in the interior side that turns to operate the lock. These are mainly used in front doors with no windows in them. If a window was present an intruder could smash the window and open the lock.

A double cylinder deadbolt is a deadbolt lock that is opened or closed through key from both the sides. These can be used where there is a breakable glass inlaid into the door. However this can become a hindrance in an emergency situation.

A keyless deadbolt is the easiest to operate deadbolt lock, as it can simply be opened by a fingerprint scan or password and can be closed with a button or knob.


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